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‘Slow Sound of Snow’ on European Stage

‘Slow Sound of Snow’ on European Stage‘Slow Sound of Snow’ on European Stage

An Iranian theater troupe plans to stage the play entitled ‘Slow Sound of Snow’ in Warsaw, Venice and Amsterdam on its European tour in summer.

Directed by Jaber Ramezani, the play was previously staged at Iranshahr Hall in Tehran in October 2014, and also at the 33rd International Fajr Theater Festival in January this year, ISNA reported.

“We are planning to stage the play with the same players and plot in the European festivals,” said Ramezani, adding: “On June 26, we’ll set off for Europe to stage the first performance in Warsaw - the capital and largest city of Poland.”

Staging the play twice at the Polish Theater Festival, the troupe will travel to Italy for an outdoor performance on the beach of the Adriatic Sea, he noted. “As the play requires silence, we plan to stage it at midnight to take advantage of the night tranquility and sound of the waves to create the right atmosphere.”

Regarding it “as an exciting and new experience,” he said: “Due to the special requirements of the location, the role of sound designer Bamdad Afshar and musician Pouya Pour-Amin are pivotal.”

Negotiations are still underway to stage the play in Amsterdam - the capital of the Netherlands - right after the Venice performance, he added.

  Asian Festival

“To take part in one of the most prestigious artistic festivals in the Philippines in August is our next plan. Comprising various fields like theater, music, and painting, the festival will last for a month, but we’ll participate in the event for ten days,” he said, hoping for the play to be warmly welcomed by international audiences.

Co-written by Payam Saeidi and Jaber Ramezani, ‘Slow Sound of Snow’ is based on the play ‘The Avalanche’ by the Turkish playwright Tuncer Cücenoglu. It is the story of a family living in a mountain cottage, where even a small sound can trigger an avalanche.

Mohammad Charmshir is the play dramaturge and Farbod Farhang, Sadegh Maleki, Afsaneh Mahian, and Maryam Nourmohammadi are the cast members.