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Ceremony to Honor Parviz Kalantari

Ceremony to Honor Parviz KalantariCeremony to Honor Parviz Kalantari

A ceremony to honor renowned veteran painter, writer and journalist Parviz Kalantari will be held on April 17 at Ashian Naghsh-o-Mehr Art Gallery.

“Parviz is my friend of 60 years and we have shared so many memories. I believe friendship affects everyone in a way, and could work miracles for him in his present state of physical health,” said Hossein Mahjoubi, gallery director and veteran painter, reports Honaronline.

Kalantari was hospitalized on December 9, 2014 due to a stroke, and is currently recovering at home. The ceremony has been organized “to uplift his spirits for speedy recovery.”

A group exhibition will also be held at the gallery, a transformed house called ‘Mahjoubi House,’ belonging to Mahjoubi.

The exhibition will comprise works by Mohammad Ehsaei, Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Nasrollah Afjei, Mohammad Ebrahim Jafari, Gizella Sinai, and Taha Behbani. The Mahjoubi family will showcase a few works by Kalantari as well.


Parviz Kalantari was born in 1931 in Zanjan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University and is the director of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

He has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions within and outside the country, including a seminar on “Preparation and Production of Textbooks,” training at “Danrow Studio” on “Book Illustration” in New York, a course on the teaching of art to children at the Junior Art Center in California, and a seminar on “Education through Art” in Adelaide University in Australia. Several of his paintings have been reproduced on UNICEF postcards, and one of them is a UN postage stamp.

He has taught painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University and presented a lecture on “Iranian Contemporary Painting” at Berkley University in California. He has also written a number of articles on art and artists in Iran, published in various Tehran periodicals.

The ceremony to honor the efforts of the great artist will be held from 4 to 9 pm at the gallery at No 4, Golmohammadi St., 18th St., Bokharest Ave., Argentine Square, Tehran.  

The exhibition will run till April 20.