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Plastic Bottles Turned Into Beautiful Sculptures

Plastic Bottles Turned Into Beautiful SculpturesPlastic Bottles Turned Into Beautiful Sculptures

Using discarded plastic PET bottles, Czech artist Veronika Richterova creates fantastic translucent plant and animal sculptures.

Whether it is an entire shelf of cacti or lily pads floating in a pond, each is a whimsical take on the natural world – one that protects it from being over-run with waste products.

Over the last decade Richterova has created hundreds of sculptures using them as her main medium. Besides plants, she has created a wonderful collection of animals, over-the-top chandeliers and light fixtures that look cool enough to actually use, Visual News reported.

The artist uses heat to twist, turn and cut up the bottles and give them natural forms. Soda and mineral water bottles become flowers, cacti, frogs, and even crocodiles! Over the years, she has developed many ways of shaping them.

PET bottles are derived from oil and are notorious for not degrading in nature. This means that they have to be collected and recycled – into fiber for clothing, construction materials, other PET containers and so forth.

In addition to making PET art, Richterova hosts a PET-ART museum, where she collects bottles from around the world. Currently, the museum hosts about 3000 pieces from 76 countries. As part of her longtime work with plastic bottles, she has even written an extensive article fittingly titled ‘A Tribute to PET Bottles’, an article that explains the history, uses, trends, and other interesting facts pertaining to plastic PET bottles.

Richterova did not have an environmental agenda when she first started making sculpture from plastic bottles. She started experimenting with the bottles in 2004 after she discovered they could be easily manipulated and deformed with heat - unaware that it would later become, as she calls it, “an obsession for many years”.