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Preparations for Fajr Film Festival Int’l Section

Preparations for Fajr Film Festival Int’l SectionPreparations for Fajr Film Festival Int’l Section

The international section of the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) is slated for April 25-May 2 in Tehran.

This is the first year thatthe international section is held separately from the national section, held in February, ISNA reported.  

Over 300 productions by 30 countries have been submitted to the festival secretariat till now, which after evaluation by the selection committee, will be categorized in different panels of the festival including Asian cinema, world cinema, art and experience, etc.

Six workshops and sessions run by international cineastes are also scheduled on the sidelines of the occasion.

  ‘Turkish Cinema in Focus’

Every year FIFF studies the cinema of a country and in this edition Turkish cinema will be analyzed under the title ‘Turkish Cinema in Focus’.

It is predicted that between 7 to 10 Turkish films will be screened. All the selected films will studied and analyzed in the presence of filmmakers, critics, and experts of Iranian, Turkish, and theoreticians of international cinema.

To get to know the Turkish cinema better, a magazine on the subject is compiled which includes introduction of Turkish cineastes as well as notes on cinema of the country.

  ‘Francesco Rosi: A Committed Critic’

The festival will screen nine movies of the late Italian director Francesco Rosi (1922-2015) in a special section titled ‘Francesco Rosi: A Committed Critic’.

In his films Rosi, who passed away in January at the age of 92, often conveyed political messages with a transparent, clear, and philanthropist point of view. He can be considered as the founder of critical cinema in the 1960s.

His approach not only brought numerous awards and honors, but after 6 decades made him a director who is considered as a pioneer in Italy and the world cinema with outstanding works concerning political corruption, power, poverty, fascism, mafia, and contemporary Italian social crisis issues.  

During his life Rosi received many international awards and honors. His film “The Mattei Affair” won the Palme d’Or at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival. He received the Honorary Golden Bear for Lifetime Achievement at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival. In 2012 the Venice Biennale awarded Rosi the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.

Rosi was the FIFF guest twice in 1970s and 1990s.

  Iran Film Market

The 18th Iran Film Market (IFM) will be held April 27-May 2 with cinematic institutes, producers and national and international distributors.

Selected by the festival managers, buyers of Iranian films from more than 70 countries will attend.

“A central server and screening rooms give the opportunity of watching and choosing films to buyers and then they can have chat out of the cabins about buying the films with their owners. The process includes full-length features, short films, documentaries and presence of Iranian producers in the market,” Manager of the international section of the FIFF Arash Amini said.

Amini pointed to IFM’s guests of this edition and said: “This year we will host guests from 70 countries, most of them are distributers. We also have some other guests who are managers and programmers of authentic international film festivals.”

Moreover, producers who intend to cooperate with Iran in film production will also attend the event.