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Works From 33 Nations for Int’l Caricature Exhibit

Works From 33 Nations for Int’l Caricature ExhibitWorks From 33 Nations for Int’l Caricature Exhibit

Secretary of the first ‘World Qods Day’ International Caricature Festival announced that the expo will be inaugurated on September 30.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Alireza Hosseini-Aref said the 20-day exhibition would be held at the Felestin Museum of Contemporary Art.

Artists have warmly welcomed the expo as the festival secretariat has received 546 works from 33 countries since its announcement one month ago, IRNA reported.

The festival will have two sections: the main section is on the subject of Qods and the special section is on Takfiri movements to divert attention from the issue of Palestine. The main section has received 372 works, and the special section 174 caricatures.

The works will be displayed on the opening day of the festival. There will be three winners for each section. The winner of the main section will be awarded $1500 and a cash prize of $2000 will go to the winner of the special section.