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Tehran Translators Have Own Association

Tehran Translators Have Own AssociationTehran Translators Have Own Association

Iran’s primary translators association ‘Tehran Translators Association’ was officially launched with a permit from the ministry of cooperatives, labor and social affairs to help provide a platform for promoting the works of translators across the country.

A broad vision, agility, knowledge, motivation and innovation in providing services, shared goals, and the effective role of members of the board of directors, selected by the general assembly of the association, are the main features that will contribute to the success of the association, its founder Mohammadreza Arbabi said.

Elected as chairman by the board of directors, Arbabi said founding the body is an important measure towards the betterment of the society of translators in Iran, ISNA reported.

“With the cooperation of all translators, as well as support from relevant authorities, objectives of translators are achievable within a reasonable timeframe.” He outlined their aims as respect for their rights, promoting quality of translation in all disciplines, defining standards for translation work, implementing a quality management system to help monitor the work of unofficial translators, improving the welfare of translators and offering them economic and moral support.

To publicize the association’s plan of action, a press conference will be held in the near future, Arbabi said, calling on all the translators to lend a helping hand to the association in achieving its declared goals.