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Ashourzadeh, Khodabakhshi Top World Taekwondo List

Ashourzadeh, Khodabakhshi Top World Taekwondo ListAshourzadeh, Khodabakhshi Top World Taekwondo List

Iran’s Farzan Ashourzadeh and Mehdi Khodabakhshi have stood in the first place of their categories in world taekwondo best list.

Behnam Asbaqi and Sajdad Mardani also stood among the best ten athletes among Iranian taekwondo athletes, MNA reported.

Farzan Ashourzadeh is first in the 58kg category and in the 80kg class Mehdi Khodabakhshi tops the list. Behnam Asbaqi is third in the 68kg class and Sajdad Mardani has stood on the 6th rank in the +80kg category.

According to amendments to World Taekwondo Federation Ranking Bylaw, points earned in 2011 have been discredited, with points earned in 2012 and 2013 losing 75 and 50 percent of their credits in ranking system. With ranking announced each month, 25 percent of points earned in previous month will also be discounted.

Any athlete standing in 1-6 ranking by September 2015 will qualify for Brazil 2016 Olympics.