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‘White-Blue Dreams’ at Dubai RIRA Gallery

‘White-Blue Dreams’ at Dubai RIRA Gallery‘White-Blue Dreams’ at Dubai RIRA Gallery

A new collection of drawings titled ‘White-Blue Dreams’ by Iraj Shafei is scheduled to be displayed at RIRA Gallery in Dubai. The exhibition features phenomenal works around the culture and historical roots of Persia, which is visible in most of the artist’s works.

“It is my 15th solo exhibition as well as the second one to be held abroad,” he said. The collection comprises 16 large drawings created over the past Iranian year (ended March 20) taking advantage of oil and acrylic painting techniques – “acrylics differ from oil paints in that they have shorter drying time, as little as 10 minutes, and are soluble in water,” ISNA quoted him as saying.

The collection contains the elements of Persian culture like white and blue ceramic wares in search of cultural memories, he noted.

Pointing to his previous exhibition held at Seyhoun Gallery’s branch in Los Angeles in the US, showcasing his paintings of white and blue ceramic wares, he said: “During my 35 years of professional painting, I have always aimed to portray Iran’s attractions in my drawings.”

  Prolific Artist

Shafei who is a student of veteran artist Aydin Aghdashloo, said a major commonality between his works and his master’s is their focus on Persian culture. He regarded RIRA Gallery as one of the best in the region due to its huge space and good facilities, adding: “I welcomed the offer to showcase my artworks because the time was suitable.”

Born in 1962, Shafei started painting under the supervision of Aghdashloo from 1984.  In 1986, he held his first exhibition at Seyhoun Gallery in Tehran, supported by Masoumeh Seyhoun - gallery founder and veteran artist. So far, he has taken part in more than 100 solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

Having opened on March 16, at RIRA Gallery of DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center), the exhibition will run till April 16.