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Iran Contemporary Literature Promoted in Europe

Iran Contemporary Literature Promoted in EuropeIran Contemporary Literature Promoted in Europe

The University of Bologna in Italy hosted a seminar on contemporary Persian literature recently in cooperation with the Book City Institute, the international chain of bookstores and cultural centers based in Iran.

The seminar dubbed ‘Garden and Stream: An Overview of Contemporary Persian Literature’ was organized by the Department of History and Cultures of the University of Bologna in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Iran in Rome, ISNA reported.

Several Iranian and Italian scholars, including deputy director of the Book City Institute Ali-Asghar Mohammadkhani, renowned veteran poet Zia Movahhed, professor of modern and contemporary Persian language and literature at the University of Bologna Faezeh Mardani, and Anna Vanzan from the University of Milan presented articles at the seminar.

The article delivered by Movahed was on “the influences of the West and their extent on modern Persian poetry.”

‘From Saadi to Sepehri: Gaps and Bridges between Contemporary and Classic Persian Literature’ was the title of the article presented by Mohammadkhani.

The article debated how contemporary Persian literature follows in the footsteps of classic Persian literature in both content and form. In his speech Mohammadkhani made comparisons and contrasts between works of Iranian poets and authors Saadi Shiraazi and Sohrab Sepehri, Hooshang Ebtehaj and Hafiz, and Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Ahmad Shamloo, and Bayhaqi as well as several Iranian satirists.

“Europe recognizes Iran through its classical literature rather than contemporary, and that is why we arranged a program to portray a picture of our contemporary poetry and prose,” Mohammadkhani said and highlighted that the seminar aims to promote female poets and authors and depict the evolution of Iranian poetry in terms of quality and quantity throughout the past three decades.

 Cultural Ties

The conference honored the memory of Nima Yushij, the father of modern Persian poetry, and Juan Ramon Jimenez, who are considered the best Spanish poets of the 20th century.

According to Book City Institute, Iran and Italy currently enjoy strong cultural ties “as the primary and prominent civilizations of the East and the West.” Both countries are engaged in promotional activities for publicizing each other’s heritage.

Italy has held various scientific and cultural conferences on Persian literature in universities and 10 Persian novels have been translated into Italian in the past five years.

Mohammadkhani said further events and programs will be organized and held in various cities of Italy to promote Iranian literature.

In another endeavor to promote contemporary literature of Iran in European countries, the conference of ‘Modern Persian Poetry and Modern Spanish Poetry’ will be held at the Complutense University of Madrid on April 27 and 28.