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Festival of Fire, a Prelude to Nowruz

Festival of Fire, a Prelude to NowruzFestival of Fire, a Prelude to Nowruz

Last night, people in Iran celebrated Chaharshanbeh-Suri (Fireworks Wednesday), also known as Festival of Fire, an ancient Iranian festival dating back to 4000 years ago since the early Zoroastrian era.

In the evening of the last Tuesday of every Iranian year, Iranians celebrate the occasion which is rooted in the ancient customs and history of the country, Iranvisitor website reported.

People set up bonfires in the streets and jump over them to cleanse themselves of all the misfortunes and impurities of the past year and get ready to welcome the coming New Year.

Families buy different dried nuts, fruits and sweets and have them at their gatherings. There were some other rituals connected to the festival in old times that have almost disappeared nowadays, like Qaashoq-Zani (Spoon-hitting) in which children while banging a spoon against a bowl would go and stand at the door of neighbors, where the house owner fills their bowls with nuts or other small gifts.

Unfortunately every year some people are hurt and hospitalized by the fireworks. Chaharshanbe-Suri, however, remains one of the joyous festivals for Iranians around the world.