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Society of Iranian Painters’ Annual Sale at IAF

Society of Iranian Painters’ Annual Sale at IAFSociety of Iranian Painters’ Annual Sale at IAF

Nearly $105,000 was generated from the sale of 82 paintings, drawn by the members of the Society of Iranian Painters, within the first two days of the annual sale exhibition.

On the occasion of approaching Nowruz holidays, in collaboration with Iranian Artist Forum (IAF), the society has held the exhibition at the forum’s seven galleries with the aim of boosting people’s incentives to purchase artworks, Honaronline reported.

The exhibition comprises 300 art pieces created by the same number of painters. While most of the society veteran members have participated, prices range from $300 to $900 to be affordable for the public. Besides the paintings which form the majority of the exhibition, some sculptures have also been put for sale.

The high sale during the first days, with no state organization taken part in purchasing of the artworks, proves that the public interest in art and artists. Sixty more artists are among the participants of this year’s exhibition compared with last year, which suggests the number has increased by twenty percent.

There are a lot of renowned artists taking part in the event, namely: Manouchehr Motabar, Ali-Akbar Sadeghi, Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini, Mohamad-Ebrahim Jafari, Karim Nasr, Shahrzad Osouli, Fereydoon Omidi, Reza Lavasani, and Khosro Khosravi.

Founded in 1999, the society consists of several committees including teaching, publication, exhibition, welfare, expertness and assessment and the committee of researches. In fact the members of the society have volunteered to gather in different groups to compose the executive regulations of each committee to support Iranian young painters.

Having started on March 13, the exhibition will run till March 18 at the Iranian Artist Forum, located on North Mousavi St., Taleghani Ave., Tehran and will resume from April 4 to 9 after Nowruz holidays.