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Persian Modern, Contemporary Paintings at Art Dubai 2015

Persian Modern, Contemporary Paintings at Art Dubai 2015Persian Modern, Contemporary Paintings at Art Dubai 2015

Two veteran and three young painters’ works will be displayed at Art Dubai 2015 by three galleries.

Art Dubai is the leading international art fair in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. An annual event, Art Dubai presents a select yet diverse line-up of around 90 galleries from the UAE and around the world, across three sections: Contemporary; Modern, devoted to masters from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia; and Marker, a curated section of art spaces that focuses each year on a particular theme or geography.

Two galleries from Iran showcase the works of two veteran artists in the modern section of the fair.

Shirin Gallery New York branch will present works by Koorosh Shishegaran. Known for his more familiar style of painting scribbles and doodles, Shishegaran has also created a variety of other works, including an array of experiments on different media through a wide range of artistic approaches.

Since 1983, he has concentrated more on painting and drawing with his most notable visual element: line. This interest in whirling lines was first exhibited in 1989.

Curated by Shirin Partovi-Tavakolian & Gereh (knot) Studio, the show presents original paintings and posters, as well as a publication produced for the exhibition.


Shirin Gallery is committed to establishing an international context for the broad range of contemporary art practices within Iran and its surrounding regions. The gallery’s current programming is focused on the link between Iran’s modernist movements and contemporary art practices.

With branches in New York and Tehran, the gallery “is a transnational platform for curatorial and pedagogical projects that foster artistic activity and exchange among emerging and established artists.”

Also present in this section is Etemad Gallery which will display the works of Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam.

Born in Tehran in 1924, Vaziri-Moghaddam is an Iranian painter and a professor of art who has held over 100 global exhibitions. Throughout his lifetime he has constantly created art works, painted and made sculptures.

He became particularly famous with his creation of ‘Sand on Canvas’ in the 1960s. Vaziri’s play-like experience with sand as a child shaped his artistic career. Drawing from his memories of the black and red sands of his beaches, he creates work that appears casual but is full of mysterious meaning.

A constant and essential theme of his work is space. Aiming to recuperate the origins of this thought, he turns not to the metaphysics of a geometric structure or to a traditional image of nature, but to the earliest principles of human experience.


Etemad Gallery is presenting some of his most significant works from the 1960s and 1970s. Vaziri’s works were first exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1962. Today Vaziri’s artworks are part of important museum’s permanent collections such as the MoMA in New York.

Founded in 2002 in Tehran, Etemad Gallery is committed to raising the profile of Iranian contemporary and modern art by featuring emerging and established artists. The works exhibited range from abstraction to figuration, with adherence to innovative techniques and aesthetic styles. Etemad’s commitment to art is deeply rooted in a history of passion for art, encouraged by supporting artists throughout different stages of their career.

In the contemporary section, Dastan’s Basement Gallery will represent Iran. Established in 2012 in Northern Tehran, the gallery was founded on the idea of exhibiting the artworks of the new generation of Iranian emerging artists. It is dedicated to research and education on visual arts and regularly hosts documentary film screenings and book launches.

In the fair, it will exhibit works by young artists Mohammad-Hossein Gholamzadeh, Amin Montazeri, and Nima Zaare-Nahandi.

The 9th edition of the fair takes place March 18-21, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.