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Iranian Photographers Shine

Iranian Photographers Shine Iranian Photographers Shine

Artworks of two talented Iranian photographers were showcased in different international festivals and exhibitions this year.

Seyed Ali Miremadi, a photographer from Isfahan, received a gold medal and $ 80,000 prize at Qatar’s Al-Thani Festival.

Al-Thani is one of the most prestigious festivals in Asia and is highly regarded by professional photographers around the world due to its big cash prize.

The festival’s Arbitration Committee is from Austria, financial support is offered by Qatar and supervision team is from the International Federation of photography. The closing ceremony of the festival was held on March 2.

The festival was attended by photographers from around the world. Among the participants, Miremadi, a prominent member of the photography association of Isfahan Young Cinema Society (IYCS), won the gold medal of the competition.

Miremadi began his work with IYCS in 2010 and currently he is responsible for the association’s translation working group.

He also won the gold medal in the Japanese Asahi Shimbun Photography Contest. In addition to successes in the current Iranian year (ends March 20), the photographer has received 17 international awards and his artworks have been displayed in more than 90 exhibitions around the world.

  Solo Exhibition

Another talented Iranian photographer, Habib Majidi, will showcase his camera artworks in a solo exhibition in Lithuania, with an invitation from the cinema, theater and music museum.

In the exhibition, 32 cinematic photos of different Iranian films including ‘Beautiful City’, ‘M like Mother’, A Separation’, ‘Snow on Hot Tin Roof’, ‘Pearl’, ‘Me and Ziba’, ‘Bahman’ and ‘Morning Is Coming’, will be displayed. In addition to cinematic works five shots of his fine art will be showcased.

Habib Majidi, 36, studied at the art department of the Tehran University’s Faculty of Cinema and Theatre and earned his bachelor degree in cinematography orientation. He started his career as a professional still photographer in 2003 with Asghar Farhadi’s movie ‘Beautiful City’. He was still photographer of the movie ‘A Separation’ which won an Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012.