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Persian Movies Celebrated Globally

Persian Movies Celebrated  Globally Persian Movies Celebrated  Globally

Iranian cinema saw good times in the past year both at home and abroad. Local productions were hugely welcomed by filmgoers, and in the international arena several films managed to win precious awards at prestigious global festivals.

With the year-end (March 20) approaching, the trend continues, with the now-famous films still partaking in movie events in foreign cities.

The 12th Prague International Film Festival ‘FEBIOFEST’ and 34th Istanbul Film Festival are the next stops for Iranian movies to continue their global sheen. Two Iranian films ‘316’ and ‘A Few Cubic Meters of Love’ are to be screened at the FEBIOFEST 2015, due to be held March 19-27 in Prague, Czech Republic.

‘316’ written, directed, and produced by Payman Haghani is a 2014 experimental film which introduces a new format in storytelling. “I don’t care what people look like, but what shoes they wear,” says the narrator of the 72-minute film that only shows the viewer the changing shoes.

Haghani, in his second feature film, uses temporal and metaphorical compression inherent for the medium of film. He guides the viewer through one era of his country’s history, and the main protagonist is present only through humorous and light commentary. As the situation changes, so do the shoes which surround her. She has worn 316 pairs of shoes in her life, and this small history of an individual creates a unique picture of a larger history.

Jamshid Mahmoudi’s debut film, ‘A Few Cubic Meters of Love’ recounts the story of an Afghan migrant working in a factory along with his daughter Marona. Saber, a young Iranian worker meets Marona and a love story unfolds.


The movie won the best directing and cinematography awards at the 7th Jaipur International Film Festival 2015 in India.

The 90-minute feature film was premiered at the 2013 Fajr International Film Festival where it won two Crystal Simorgh awards. Since then, the movie has attended several festivals in different countries.

Saed Sohili, Nader Fallah, and Hasiba Ebrahimi are among the cast.

FEBIOFEST founded in 1993 by FEBIO, an independent film and TV company, has grown during the past years into one of the largest film festivals in the Czech Republic.

Basically the festival is oriented towards full length films and also discovers new territories and unknown filmmakers, and features special sections dedicated to children’s and even experimental films.

  Rave Reviews

‘A Few Cubic Meters of Love’ will also be one of the Iranian films invited to participate in the Istanbul Film Festival next month. The other two movies include globally acclaimed ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Today’. ‘Nabat’ from Azerbaijan in which Iranian actress Fetemeh Motamed-Arya plays, is also present.

Nima Javidi’s first feature length ‘Melbourne’ has received rave reviews for its refined and intricate script. It has won awards at various international events. Peyman Moadi and Negar Javaherian are the leading stars.

‘Today’, was master director Reza Mirkarimi’s official entry to the Oscars. Parviz Parastui and Soheila Golestani star in the film.

Azerbaijan’s official Oscar entry, ‘Nabat’ takes place in the 90s during the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the effects of which are felt in the regional countries. Motamed-Arya, who plays the leading role of Nabat, was a jury member of the Golden Tulip International Competition of the festival in 2013.

The Turkish festival is slated for April 4-19.