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Galleries Bridge Art & Audience Gap

Galleries Bridge Art & Audience Gap
Galleries Bridge Art & Audience Gap

The spacious newly-established Sa Gallery, designed for displaying all forms of visual art was recently opened and is officially on the list of ‘plentiful’ galleries of Tehran.

“Having a gallery was always my dream. I started pursuing it two years ago by restoring the place and applying for a permit which was officially issued a year later in 2014, bringing us together at this venue,” said gallery manager Maryam Salehi, reported Honaronline. She hopes to have the opportunity to work with other artists in different fields and enjoy diverse styles. The gallery has no particular preference in artworks, but paintings, photographs, and sculptors will be prominent at the exhibitions.

The gallery took off with a selection of 37 contemporary paintings and seven sculptures selected by its curator Gholamreza Nami. Nami elucidated that the current selection of works comprises pieces by artists of the third generation (post Islamic Revolution) and are “unassailable and lucrative.”

“The large number of galleries in the city signifies that art is appreciated by people,” he said, and added that financial benefits will come to those who truly appreciate and value cultural activities. “The newly opened galleries should consult art expert before their inauguration,” he observed.

The exhibition at No. 134, 8th Boostan St, Pasdaran Avenue, Tehran ends today.