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‘A Night Out’ on Stage After 55 Years

‘A Night Out’ on Stage After 55 Years‘A Night Out’ on Stage After 55 Years

Titled ‘A Night Out’ – a play based on the same title and play written by English playwright Harold Pinter- is being staged at the Ostad-Mashayekhi Theater hall in Tehran.

“We decided to stage a play with a theme on social disorder 11 months ago,” said one of the two directors Farid Qaderpanah, adding: “As Pinter’s play was in conformity with our concept, we opted for it.”

He said: “It had been staged only once before by Pinter - as director and actor - in 1960,” Honaronline reported.

“To adhere to the original work and draw critics’ appreciation by showing our expertise in staging Pinter’s works, we performed the first part without any changes,” he noted.  

Highlighting the importance of research on various social disorders, he said: “We aimed at focusing on an issue ignored before: the obsession and anxiety that stems from extreme dependency on family relationships, regarded as a latent illness in our society, became our focal point.”

It is the story of Albert Stokes, a loner in his late twenties who lives with his emotionally-suffocating mother and works in an office. After being falsely accused of unethical behavior at the office, he faces problems in his social and emotional relationships, leading to anti-social reactions.

He also said the play will be staged at the next 2016 Fajr International Theater Festival while its video version has been sent to foreign festivals.

  Nobel Prize Winner

Pinter, a playwright, screenwriter, director and actor was born in 1930 and was one of the most influential modern British dramatists. His writing career spanned more than 50 years. Among his works, the best-known include ‘The Birthday Party’ (1957), ‘The Homecoming’ (1964), and ‘Betrayal’ (1978), each of which he adapted for the screen.

In 2005 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his plays “that uncover the precipice under everyday prattle and force entry into oppression’s closed rooms.”

Directed by Qaderpanah and Ramin Masoumian, the play will be staged until March 20, at the venue located on the northwest side of Vali-e-Asr Avenue intersection.