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Homayoun Shajarian’s New Album Unveiled

Homayoun Shajarian’s New Album UnveiledHomayoun Shajarian’s New Album Unveiled

Homayoun Shajarian’s new album ‘Mastoor-o-Mast’ (Veiled and Devoted), was inaugurated Tuesday (March 10) in a ceremony at Shahnaz Hall of the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

In his latest album, Homayoun has collaborated with the American-born composer Jano Baghoumian, who is well-versed in Iranian culture, philosophy and theosophy, and surprisingly speaks good Persian, Honaronline reported.

Pointing out that this is his first work as a composer, Baghoumian noted: “Most of the albums produced and released in Iran are singer-centric and the singer’s voice overshadows the sound of the instruments.” However, he added that in this album, they have tried to put the orchestra in line with Homayoun’s powerful vocal, which was “a tough job.”

Explaining the title of the album, the composer said, “There is a kind of interconnection in the pieces which suggests obscurity, “as disguised, or being veiled,” and ‘devotion’ refers to the excitement in Homayoun’s voice which is as strong as it could be in the album.”

Homayoun, son of Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, the grand master vocalist of Persian traditional music, called the collaboration with Baghoumian interesting, as “his familiarity with eastern mysticism has led to his understanding of great poets’ works such as Hafiz, Attar, and Mawlana”. Therefore, he has managed to convey the deep content and concept of their poetry in a delicate musical arrangement performed by a strong orchestration.

The album is a union of the East and the West, and Bagoumian’s western style has integrated with the epic and mystic music of the East. It is the result of close to 300 musicians playing in an orchestra, in a successful collaboration to render musical glory to the listeners.


Homayoun is a renowned Persian classical music vocalist, as well as a Tombak and Kamancheh (traditional Iranian instruments) player. Born in Tehran in 1975, in a music-dedicated family, he began studying knowledge of technique and rhythm and Persian traditional singing upon his father’s advice.

He attended Tehran Conservatory of Music and chose Kamancheh as his professional instrument. In 1991, he accompanied his father in concerts of Ava Music Ensemble in the US, Europe and Iran, playing Tombak; and from 1999, started accompanying the senior Shajarian on vocals.

His first independent work ‘Nassim-e Vasl’ was published on his 28th birthday. Since then, he has released several albums, all hits of their time including his latest ones ‘Heavy Make-Up’ and ‘Neither Angel, Nor Devil’.