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Reza Yazdani’s Australia Tour

Reza Yazdani’s Australia TourReza Yazdani’s Australia Tour

Reza Yazdani, Iranian pop and rock singer, will tour Australia with composer Behrouz Payegan.

His first concert will be held on October 3 in Melbourne, Robert Black Wood Hall. On the following day, he will go on stage in Sydney, at Sir John Clancy Hall, said Honaronline.

Iranian musicians will not accompany him on this tour. Instead Australian musicians will constitute his orchestra, chosen under Payegan’s supervision.

The concert is organized by Falsh Production Group and related information will be announced via the website

Yazdani released his latest album ‘Saata Khaban’ in early 2014. Most of the songs in the album are composed by him. Payegan has collaborated in the composition of 2 pieces.

A singer, musician, composer, and actor, Yazdani has released seven albums and numerous single songs till now. His notable instrument is guitar, especially electric guitar. He has also performed in some movies, mostly playing his own character.