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Awards Galore for ‘Track 143’ & ‘Che

Awards Galore for ‘Track 143’ & ‘CheAwards Galore for ‘Track 143’ & ‘Che

Sacred Defense movies ‘Track 143’ and ‘Che’ collected several awards at the 13th Resistance Film Festival. The winners of different sections and categories were announced on Thursday.

‘Track 143’, directed by Narges Abyar, grabbed five awards. In the Iran Cinema section it won the best actress for Merila Zarei and the best script for Narges Abyar. The movie also received an honorary diploma for best director. In the international section, it was also chosen for the best script. Furthermore, the movie also gained the title of viewers’ selection.

‘Track 143’ tells the story of a martyr’s mother who awaits the return of her son.

‘Che’ directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia collected four awards. The best actor award went to Babak Hamidian and best director to Ebrahim Hatamikia. Farabi Film Foundation got the best film award. Another special award was dedicated to ‘Che’. The movie is based on two days of Shahid Mostafa Chamran’s life during the 1980-1988 Iran–Iraq war. He was a commander of the paramilitary volunteers.