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Inspirational Landscapes at Negah

Inspirational Landscapes at Negah Inspirational Landscapes at Negah

Negah Art Gallery is hosting a collection of drawings by Mehran Yousefzadeh. The exhibits include portrayal of Iran’s nature and architecture.

On his collection, Yousefzadeh told HonarOnline, “for more than 35 years, I have been doing stage designing for movies and TV series. I have travelled to different places for the purpose and the drawings were part of my travels. That is how I gathered this collection.”

In 1999 he started working on sketches, adding or cutting parts and pieces to and from them. It took him 10 years to come up with the final 75 works, 16 of which are displayed in the exhibition.

“I have studied Iran from various points of view: anthropology, architecture, style and etc. I am not finished with the project yet. I intend to put in public eyes the less seen places of Iran which are rich in nature, architecture, and so many other aspects”, he said.

Yousefzadeh who has worked in oil painting style before explained why he used metal drawing pen: “When you start drawing with a pen there is no return. You cannot change anything so you need concentration and precision while working. I enjoy this technique. All these works are made by small parallel lines gathered for one purpose: to show Iranian nature and architecture.”

The artist who has studied stage design and architecture in Italy said that architecture is the basis for the drawings on display. That is what stage design is based on. It is not possible to design a stage if one cannot draw.

 Finding Inspiration

To design ‘Kuchak-e Jangali’ TV series, on the life of the historical Iranian figure and freedom fighter Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali, he spent months in northern parts of the country finding inspiration from their architectural style and natural landscapes. “I do the same for any series I design”, Yousefzadeh asserted.

His book ‘Iran, in another Narration’ is a collection of his 75 drawings. All works are in black and white. He is working on another collection containing color drawings as well using water color and gouache paints as material.

The book was unveiled simultaneously with the exhibition which is open to the public till September 30 from 2 PM to 8 PM except Saturdays.

Negah Art Gallery is situated in No. 3, End of Golzar Alley, Negar St., Shokufeh St., Main (Imam Khomeini) Blvd., Lavasan.