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Iranian Artists in Istanbul’s Art International

Iranian Artists in Istanbul’s Art International Iranian Artists in Istanbul’s Art International

The work of five Iranian artists have been presented at the second edition of Istanbul’s leading international art fair which runs for 3 days from September 26 to 28  bringing together 78 international and local galleries.

Alireza Adambakan, Mohommad Hossein Emad, Reza Lavasani, Ahmad Morshad-Lau and Babak Roshani Nejad are displaying their work at the Art International in Istanbul Turkey, Honaronline reported.

Adambakan is presenting one of his paintings titled ‘Moribund’, which expresses his sentiments on religion and tradition- a theme which has been recurring in his works over the years.

‘Interior’ is the name of the sculpture on display by Emad - a reconciliation between concept and style. Emad is known for employing wood and metal in his works but since 2012, he has introduced artificial materials in his sculptures as well as some experiments with lighting – a bold endeavor which has given his work a unique quality.

 Mystical Inspiration

Besides being a painter, Lavasani is also famed for his mystical and poetically inspired sculptures. His latest sculpture ‘Life’ will be displayed at Assar gallery- a piece made by simple objects so masterfully and elaborately crafted and yet preserving the poetic essence which is the known element of his works.

Morshad-Lau established his career as a social painter who focuses on the fluctuations of an Eastern society in constant fluidity. His massive painting ‘Post Suspension’ is an introspective piece reflecting the artist’s “personal visual outlook on a community to which he has an insider’s advantage.”

  Canvas Portrait

‘The Storyteller, diptych’, is an oil on canvas portrait by Roshani Nejad. His choice of the themes is indicative of his deep, intellectual ponderings behind his creations vis-a-vis form, existence and reality.

 This leading modern and contemporary art fair offers unrivalled access to exciting new art from Turkey, Europe, the US, the Middle East and beyond. Drawing on its unique geographic location as a gateway between East and West, the fair is fast becoming a cultural bridge across the global art world. In addition to the participation of leading and emerging galleries, it provides a program of exhibitions, events and forums, enabling visitors to experience the cultural history of Istanbul alongside the flourishing local contemporary art scene developing today.