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‘Van Gogh’ Painting Found in Northern Turkey

‘Van Gogh’ Painting Found in Northern Turkey‘Van Gogh’ Painting Found in Northern Turkey

Turkish police anti-smuggling units recovered a painting reportedly of Vincent van Gogh’s titled ‘Old Man with Stick, Standing’ in a raid in the north of Tokat province, posing as interested buyers to an online advertisment of the missing painting.

The painting features an old man in a blue overcoat standing with a stick, in front of a background consisting a collage of mixed colors in dotted format, similar to the signature style of the artist. However the painting is yet to be verified as an original. Further, a number of labels on the painting reveal convoluted details, Bgnnews reported.

 The uncovered painting is a colored version and a total of 8 seals and markings were discovered on it. The flip side of the painting was labeled with ‘Dalhem Museum’, ‘Orphan Man, Standing’, ‘Ultra-Violet Rays’, ‘Vincent van Gogh 1882 Orphan Man, Standing’, and ‘Mexico P997168’.

 The police also stated that markings from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Netherlands van Gogh Museum were discovered on the painting. They were reportedly trying to contact both museums, inquiring over the painting in an effort to verify its authenticity.