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Slogans, Service & Successful Suit Sales

Slogans, Service & Successful Suit SalesSlogans, Service & Successful Suit Sales

With the Iranian New Year or Nowroz around the corner, people are out shopping daily, and men in particular are on the lookout for new suits to buy.

Shopping for a suit entails looking at the quality and design, as well as big cash in the pockets, before making a decision to buy, since suits are expensive. If the first suit tried doesn’t appeal, the assistant is ready to help find another suitable one; finally, decision made and suit selected, the payment is done and the purchaser walks out proudly carrying his new package.

Providing quality service can usher a lucrative business in the sale of suits. A report in Forsat Emrooz newspaper expounds the artful management techniques to help those wanting to start a suit business.

A number of criteria need to be considered to start and maintain a successful suit business.

Sales slogans should comply with customer rights and the age old cliché ‘the client is always right’ must not be ignored. What is offered should satisfy the styles of even the most fastidious shoppers.

How customers are treated is a defining factor in salesmanship. They are entitled to shuffle through the available models and try on as many as they like before they actually make their pick.

At times even after trying on several suits they still might not be satisfied. In such challenges, it is the attitude of the salespeople which will either keep the customer or shoo them off never to return. In such a situation, it would be best to “apologize for not being able to provide what they are seeking.”  This is the attitude of sales people in clothes shops across Japan, Germany, Malaysia, and South Korea and it leaves shoppers impressed.

  Interior Decor

The interior design of a suit shop should allow customers easy access and enough space to freely roam; fitting rooms should be roomy and installing wall mirrors would render shop space extremely attractive.      

Spruce the store up and complete the collection by including matching clothing items and accessories: shirts, shoes, and belts are absolute musts.

It is likely that a prospective groom will chose your store to pick his wedding suit. Special discounts for couples who are embarking on a new chapter in their lives would be heart-warming.

A discount card especially pleases special customers; it also tells them that they are appreciated and the store would like to have them back.

Shop owners might be concerned about the location of their store; but do not worry. With online sales you can easily cross this obstacle.


In today’s world, websites are indispensible to any trade. With online shopping, customers can sit at home, browse through models, and shop whenever they wish. A customer friendly e-shop should include the exact sizes and measurements of models, as well as close ups of all the minutest details of each garment. User friendly website designs are particularly important and your internet shop should be updated regularly.

Speedy delivery is also important. Assigning assiduous door-to-door salespersons to help online customers can win their trust. Delivery is usually free in most countries so customers will see “it is to their benefit to have their purchases delivered at their doorstep rather than for them to commute to and fro.”

A suit aside from being expensive is also one of those wardrobe items that will be worn for years to come; thus explaining why it’s quite common for customers to be scrupulous when it comes to buying. Reminding customers that they are valued, and providing the latest models to satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes, is another winning technique.