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Symbolic Cardboard Trees at Bagh-e-Ferdows

Symbolic Cardboard Trees at Bagh-e-FerdowsSymbolic Cardboard Trees at Bagh-e-Ferdows

A one-day workshop to create trees using cardboards was held in Tehran on Friday (March 6).

The workshop titled ‘The Thicket’ organized by the Association of Iranian Sculptors took place at Bagh-e-Ferdows, which is a neighborhood near Tajrish square, north of Tehran, Artna reported.

Making sculptures out of nondurable and non-hazardous materials is common in the world and is done in Iran as well. However, as a workshop, it was the first time several individuals collaborated with each other to create some symbolic artworks.

Concurrent with the Arbor Day, university students from different majors got together to build cardboard trees in an attempt to remind people of the value of these green living beings.