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Traditional Artworks on Display

Traditional Artworks on DisplayTraditional Artworks on Display

Mess Negar gallery in Tehran is hosting an exhibition displaying 100 works of art by prominent contemporary artists in the field of Iran’s traditional art. The gallery manager plans to honor veteran masters and introduce qualified artists “to whom the survival of traditional art is indebted.”

Referring to the exhibition as a step towards conserving traditional art, Mohammad-Hasan Golchinpour said: “The art pieces are a reflection of national identity in terms of culture and civilization which would be endangered if artists become lackadaisical,” Fars news agency reported.

Pointing to technology and the fast pace of modern life as impediments in enjoying the beauty of life, he noted: “Pondering over masterpieces, in which astonishing traditional designs are depicted based on the artist’s philosophy, can refresh our soul by connecting it to our chaste culture and ancient civilization.”

To encourage and support the new generation of artists, the exhibition comprises works of 24 artists in various fields of craft such as glass etching, calligraphy, miniature, metalwork (Ghalam-zani) and intarsia.  Enthusiasts can visit the gallery at Mollasadra Ave., Shirazshomali St., Hakim-Azam Alley, in Tehran. The exhibition will run till March 13.

Persian art, or Iranian art, reflects a 5,000-year-old cultural tradition shaped by the diverse cultures that have flourished on the vast Iranian plateau. Throughout this development, Persian artistic achievement has normally been imperial in nature. Countless painters, weavers, potters, calligraphers, metalworkers, stone masons, etc, have produced some of the most beautiful works ever created, and contributed to the Persian artistic heritage that is known throughout the world.