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20 Books on Oriental Carpets Published in Italy

20 Books on Oriental Carpets Published in Italy20 Books on Oriental Carpets Published in Italy

Over 20 book titles on the subject of Oriental carpets have been released in Italy by the author and researcher of hand-woven carpets Seyed Taher Sabahi, said Italian Ambassador to Tehran Mauro Conciatori at the unveiling ceremony of ‘Qalin,’ another book by Sabahi, on Thursday (March 5).

The ceremony held at the center for Persian Language in Tehran was attended by culture and art experts, IBNA reported. The book is an abridged history of the art of carpet weaving in Iran.

Conciatori referred to the compilation of the book in Italian and said: “Sabahi - who holds a doctorate degree - represents the close and friendly relations between Iran and Italy. He visited Torino in 1961 and was so fascinated with the Italian city that he decided to further his studies there.”

The Italian envoy introduced Sabahi “as someone who loves Italy and admires Iranian culture, and stated: “He published more than 20 book titles on the subject of Oriental carpets while living in Italy. He talks of the origin of carpet weaving and its various forms in his books.”

Carpet is a narrative in Sabahi’s books, he said, adding: “Carpets may be considered in two perspectives: first, the design and second, Sabahi’s initiative to compile, which ultimately leads to human emotions in the process of weaving.”

Explaining his research and efforts which led to this book, Sabahi said, “the book was first published in Italy and here we see its Persian translation. I have always been interested in colors and patterns of carpets, rugs, and kilims.”

To reach the status where he is now, the master has come a long way, “from tents of nomad weavers to luxurious carpet museums across the globe.”

Sabahi noted that he can recall plenty of memories from the magic and charm of carpets throughout his life which he can put all in another book. “All I wanted by writing these books was to invite you to accompany me in all the journeys I had, to feel the essence of carpet weaving,” he stated.