Booming Days for Novels Adapted on Screen
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Booming Days for Novels Adapted on Screen

A large number of acclaimed movies in filmdom are based on literary masterpieces. Since the novels are lesser-known among Iranians compared with the film adaptations, Cheshmeh publication - well-known publisher of literature in Iran - has recently released Persian translations of novels like ‘The Tenant’, ‘Shutter Island’, and ‘Fight Club’, Honaronline reported.
‘The Tenant’ by Roland Topor, a French illustrator, painter, writer and filmmaker, was originally published in 1964. Its Persian translation by Kourosh Salimzadeh was first released in 2007. Roman Polanski - a polish film director, producer, writer and actor- directed the movie adaptation in 1976.
The story is about a decent man, named Trelkovsky who rents an apartment in a spooky old building where he experiences mysterious events.
The book is a symbol of a suppressed society whose members are strange to themselves. In terms of the concept, it has a lot in common with ‘The Metamorphosis’ written by Franz Kafka in 1915, a German-language writer.

  Shutter Island
The Persian translation of ‘Shutter Island’ by Salimzadeh, originally written by Lehane, an American author in 2003, has also been published. As the story goes, a U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels stuck on a remote island, realizes he will have to confront his fears if he hopes to make it off the island alive.
Although Lehane’s 12 novels are mentioned as the bestselling in New York Times Magazine, ‘Shutter Island’ is his first book translated to Persian, said Salimzadeh.

  Fight Club
The award-winning novel ‘Fight Club’ written by American Chuck Palahniuk, in 1996 has been translated to Persian by Peyman Khaksar. A movie based on the book was made three years after its first publication, by David Fincher - an American director and producer - which earned Palahniuk global fame. Although it was one of his first novels, he was admired by critics winning him the Argon Book Award for literary arts.
Having a simple narration, the story is about a depressed man, Edward Norton, suffering from insomnia, meeting ‘Tyler Durden’ whose fictional character is unknown to the reader until the middle of the story.
‘Gone Girl’ is a thriller novel by American writer Gillian Flynn based on which David Fincher directed one of the most appealing movies of 2014.

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