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Nostalgic Children’s Movie

Nostalgic Children’s Movie Nostalgic Children’s Movie

A new film called ‘The Island of Kindness’, which is a sort of continuation of the 1990s movies, ‘The Moth’s Valley’, and ‘Kakoli’ directed by Faryal Behzad, will be produced by Gholamreza Azadi, Iranian producer and filmmaker.

The film tells the story of pirates who attack an island, but gradually “we come to know that they are actually making a film. In fact, a fantasy story turns to be reality,” said the director.

Describing the movie as an ambitious move in children’s cinema, he said “it brings the kids to see themselves as heroes of the story in an up-to-date setting.” The script is different from that of other children movies, said Azadi, as it depicts a brighter world and new horizons for children.  

At the moment, they are rewriting the screenplay and selecting locations for the movie, he said.  

The filming will be done in Isfahan, Qeshm, as well as in studio sets and will probably start in March in Qeshm. Both renowned and local actors are in the cast.

“Tourism attractions of Qeshm Island as well as its inhabitants will be highlighted in the movie,” he said.

  New Locations

The director, who has made movies on special geographical areas, said he usually searches for new locations that are attractive and fresh and criticized the fact that nowadays “movies are produced in closed space, mostly apartments.”

The nostalgia movie ‘Moth’s Valley’ is the story of an old astronomer who having detected the date of an eclipse, dispatches his three grandchildren Rashid, Jamshid, and Khorshid to the ‘Land of Honey’ to break the mascot of the Stone Giant, who has destroyed people’s happiness.

Finally, his youngest grandson Khorshid bravely fights the giant with the assistance of his cousin Termeh, and brings back security and joy to his fatherland.