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750 kg Simulated Spaghetti Structure Breaks Record

750 kg Simulated Spaghetti Structure Breaks Record750 kg Simulated Spaghetti Structure Breaks Record

A 750 kg structure built by a local team called ‘Windcatcher II’ broke the global record at the first edition of the Persian Gulf National Competition for Simulated Structures with Spaghetti in Bandar Abbas.

“The previous record of heavy structures was a 620 kg arrangement,” said Arian Iranpour, executive secretary of the competition, IRNA reported.

In all, 74 teams of Iranian students including 55 from universities and 19 from schools around the country competed in the challenge.

The competition provided a platform for students to gain practical experience in designing bridges and buildings, nurture their creativity and get to know design software, analyze building structures, and meet gifted and skilled students in the field.

Iranpour added that the national competition was held at two levels: university and school. The former comprised categories of heavy structures, oil and gas jackets, moving walls, proposed structures, and bridge architecture. The school level also included categories of heavy structures, light structures, and bridge architecture.  

Simulated structures with spaghetti are a part of didactic methods in architecture and engineering teaching. Contestants compete in building the most stable and creative simulated truss structures such as buildings or bridges.

The competition was the 11th edition of truss simulated structures with spaghetti and the first National Contest for Simulated Structures with Spaghetti in the Persian Gulf held in Hormozgan Province. It concluded on February 26.