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World’s Largest 3D Carpet Displayed in Isfahan

World’s Largest 3D Carpet Displayed in IsfahanWorld’s Largest 3D Carpet Displayed in Isfahan

The world’s most voluminous three-dimensional carpet has been displayed for the public at Isfahan City Center, the largest shopping mall in Iran.

The Iranian carpet was designed on a scale one-fourth the size of the portal on Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, and is the largest single-piece hand-woven carpet unrivaled by any in the world.

In an interview with Donyaye Eghtesad, the owner of the carpet said it is “one of the finest works of art in the country.”

“The idea was proposed by designer Omrani in 1992 and he spent the next year and a half creating the design. About 40 people contributed to weaving the carpet over a 4.5 year period,” said Dr. Matin Latifi.

He criticized the lack of courtesy by “700 officials who failed to attend the carpet’s public display” for the first time, and said “not having received the appreciation it deserves, the carpet remains inconsequential; the world’s museums are trying to put a price on the masterpiece while its hometown and country of origin are ignoring its existence.”

Latifi’s business partner Vahid Ebrahimi says despite the lack of enthusiasm from the authorities, several foreign museums have shown an interest in showcasing the carpet, namely a museum in New York and the general director of museums in the European Union. The owners, however, say “they have never sat at the negotiating table with any foreign individual or organization.”

“The carpet was never considered a prospective investment opportunity. We meant to introduce the masterpiece to the public and express reverence towards the designer and weavers by displaying it in Isfahan free of charge.” The designers and weavers should be encouraged to continue crafting such brilliant work.

Ebrahimi pointed out that promoting carpet exports can reduce dependence on the oil-based economy and can be a big source of foreign exchange that could “trigger demand for other unique artworks of the same kind.”

  Promoting Culture

Noting that the carpet embodies verses of the Holy Qur’an and symbolizes Islam, Latifi stressed that by supporting the carpet industry, it will also promote global Persian culture.

“We are waiting for a state official or any other entity to put an offer on the masterpiece or lend a helping hand in publicizing it, although we wish for it to find a permanent home here or abroad,” Ebrahimi maintained.

The carpet has a 6.2 meter pile height, and is six meters wide at the bottom, 370 meters width in the crown, and 1.1 meters deep. It contains 33,600,000 knots of 83 different colors, and has a density of 11,000 knots.

The carpet has been exhibited at all Islamic Awakening Forums as well as displayed at many national and foreign political conferences organized at the International Conference Center, also known as Organization of Islamic Conference Summit Hall in Tehran, and this is the first time it has been displayed in a public place.