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Iranian Films in Serbian City Festival

Iranian Films in Serbian City FestivalIranian Films in Serbian City Festival

In the first cultural-artistic event held by Iran’s cultural attaché office in collaboration with the municipality of Nish - also known as Nissa, the third largest city in Serbia, located 220 km from the capital - six Iranian movies are being screened in a film festival at Nish Cultural Center.

The acclaimed Iranian movie ‘A Cube of Sugar’, directed by Reza Mirkarimi, was the first screening at the inauguration ceremony on February 20, and was attended by cinema officials, university students and several people from both sides, reports Mehr News Agency.

Cultural attaché Mahmoud Shalouei said Iranian cinema is like a mirror reflecting Persian culture, civilization, and lifestyle, and their humanitarian concepts are welcomed by people and film critics for screening in prestigious international festivals.

Pointing to the global reputation of Iran’s rich culture, he said: “As a professional and dynamic industry, Iran’s cinema sector has improved in terms of attracting global audiences since it represents important issues compatible with human nature, focusing on spirituality and humanity.”

 Rich Tradition

In the same ceremony, Diane Dubich, head of Nish Cultural Center in cinema affairs, characterized Iranian cinema “as enjoying a rich tradition” and pointed to its rapid growth after the Islamic Revolution.

Praising the status of Iranian cinema and filmmakers in the international arena in terms of technique and content, she hoped for more Iranian films to be screened in Nish with the aim of developing cultural ties between the two countries.

Introducing the tourism attractions of the city through video clips, holding literary meetings and presenting speeches on the Islamic culture of Iran were among other programs that were broadcast by the Nish official television and other media.

Movies titled ‘The painting Pool’ directed by Maziar Miri, ‘Here without Me’ by Bahram Tavakoli, Khaste Nabashid’ (an expression in Iran wishing a person liveliness and vitality) co-directed by Afshin Hashemi & Mohsen Gharaei, ‘The Kingdom of Solomon’ by Shahriar Bahrani, and Reza Mirkarimi’s ‘So Close, So Far’ are the other five Iranian movies screened at the festival.