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Middle East Movies at Urban Film Festival

Middle East Movies at Urban Film FestivalMiddle East Movies at Urban Film Festival

For the first time, the 5th International Urban Film Festival will feature a special section on ‘Now, Middle East’ in the international section.

The Art and Cultural Department of Tehran Municipality is holding the festival from May 24 to June 2. The event intends to promote Iranian and Islamic lifestyle and draw attention to individual religious identity.

According to the festival’s public affairs office, “a selection of films related to the Middle East will be screened in the new special section.”

This section aims to inform and introduce the audience interested in urban cinema as well as filmmakers and cinema activists to the environment of major cities in the Middle East. The selected films will be screened in the non-competitive section, MNA reported.

The approach of the event in the international section focuses on an emphasis on people’s interaction with their city “in the context of human and sublime living, displaying and paying attention to high quality works in order to clean up urban life, and resilience to survive in cities during the time of crisis.”