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Children’s Paintings to Enhance Teamwork

Children’s Paintings to Enhance TeamworkChildren’s Paintings to Enhance Teamwork

An exhibition of children’s paintings with the aim of learning teamwork while developing their creativity was held in Tehran, the proceeds of which are in support of disadvantaged children.

The exhibition was held at the Kite Institute. Institute director Zahra Farmani said 12 of the works by teams of children in the 3-5 age group, will be displayed and put up for sale, MNA reported.

The paintings were “on the subjects of peace, friendship, and spreading Iranian culture and art regarding traditions, myths, and legends,” said Farmani, noting that the children showed team spirit and “as society needs more cooperation in every field, we thought if it is taught at a young age, it would be more effective.”

For creating the artworks, children were given a one square meter canvas to paint on or make a collage. They were assisted by their instructors. Farmani also said she intends to found an institute, affiliated to Kite, for underprivileged children in the deprived areas.