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Jalal Sattari Conferred ‘Book of the Year’ Award

Jalal Sattari Conferred ‘Book of the Year’ AwardJalal Sattari Conferred ‘Book of the Year’ Award

Author and translator of mythology and theater books Jalal Sattari, was presented the ‘Book of the Year Award’ at his home, since he couldn’t attend the award ceremony due to old age. The award was presented by Majid Gholami-Jaliseh, CEO of Iran’s Book House, who visited Sattari.

The book ‘Sociology of Theater’ by Jean Duvignaud translated by Sattari was selected for the Performing Arts Award in the 32nd edition of the Book of the Year, but Sattari was unable to attend the ceremony held last week at Tehran’s Organization of Islamic Conference Summit Hall due to age-related problems, according to IBNA.

Gholami-Jaliseh met the veteran writer and translator at his home in Mehrshahr, Karaj to present the award.

Sattari said “Jean Duvignaud was one of the top researchers and scholars of theater in the world. I got acquainted with him during my trip to Europe and benefitted greatly from this meeting.” Duvignaud (1921-2007) was a French novelist and sociologist.

“Translation of this book took a long time as the contents were significant and in minute detail. I had to do much study to be able to comprehend his sentences and translate them in a way that would be suitable for Iranian readers,” the veteran scholar added.

Born in 1932, Jalal Sattari is an Iranian researcher, mythologist and scholar. As a cultural activist, he has authored over 90 books on mythology, dramatic literature and cultural criticism, some of which are considered as references in their specific areas, during his professional career spanning 50 years.