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Arian Band’s Last Album Slated for Nowroz

Arian Band’s Last Album Slated for NowrozArian Band’s Last Album Slated for Nowroz

The fifth and the last album of the popular Arian Band, the first Persian pop band comprising both male and female singers and players in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, is slated for release in March.

Managing director of Taraneh Sharghi cultural and artistic company Mohsen Rajabpour, who is the producer of Arian albums and concerts, said their fifth album titled ‘Farewell’, including 11 tracks, has been ready for long “but due to some differences of opinion between us and the band members it has been delayed,” Musicema news website reported.

He said the release of the album is indeed “our Nowroz (new year) present to the fans” who have been waiting for a long time to listen to the last album by one of the most popular music groups in recent years.

Explaining the reason why the band decided to end their professional career as a group, Ali Pahlavan, one of the lead vocalists, said in an interview “it was not a preplanned decision.”

“Firstly, Ninef Amirkhas, one of the important members directing the band, left the country, leaving all responsibilities on my shoulder. I tried to handle the situation given the challenges, but then came the disputes with our producer and problems with the officials. As the problems grew larger, members gradually lost their enthusiasm due to the lack of suitable conditions to work, and finally called it a day,” Pahlavan said.


All Arian albums have been among the bestselling of their release years. The group has released four albums, and played concerts around the globe. A part of their profits have been donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

Their debut album, ‘The Sunflower’ was released in 2000. The album was hugely successful in Iran and among the Persian Diaspora. Their second album ‘And Now, Love’ was released in 2001. It took three years to release the third album ‘Till Eternity’. It was released in 2004 after which they started to play their music to the rest of the world through global concerts.

In 2008, their fourth album ‘Without You, With You’ came to the market and they worked together with the renowned singer Chris de Burgh and produced an English-Persian version of de Burgh’s song ‘The Words I Love You’ (A light for eternity).

In 2010, they released a single called ‘The Footsteps of Hope’ for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and received a Certificate of Appreciation from WFP.