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President’s Message: School is House of Hope

President’s Message: School is House of HopePresident’s Message: School is House of Hope

On the occasion of school reopening in Iran on September 23, Minister of Education Ali Asghar Fani and First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri attended Hazrat Zeinab Girls School in Tehran to symbolically launch the new academic year.

The bell for the start of the 2014-15 academic year was rung by a school student at the ceremony which was broadcast live.

Fani said President Hassan Rouhani had gone abroad to participate in the UN General Assembly meeting; however, he has sent a message for the students, IRIB news reported.

  Education Fundamental

The president’s message on the occasion of school reopening on September 23, 2014:

“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I warmly felicitate the beginning of Mehr and school season to all teachers, instructors, and students. School is the house of hope for the government as well as the public. Education is the most fundamental part of development in the country. We need a dynamic and innovative school (system) in the present conditions.

Teachers, instructors, and students are the real makers of the country. To reach a given goal, one should go through the path of school and education. Children of this land are highly talented, and need to be discovered more than before.

Education is efficient when it can produce students able to make use of their knowledge to improve their society. They are to be taught to know the world around them and preserve their rich culture and religion.

School can train to create thoughtful, curious, critical, and moral students. A desirable school should teach the culture of creativity, rationality, communication, and tolerance.

Dear teachers, instructors, and students shall help so we get close to this ideal school and have a sanctuary for everyone.

I am well aware of all the obstacles on the way to reach the ideal situation. We are dealing with a lot of economic shortages; however, teachers and students should attempt hand in hand to get to our goal.

In order to do their best in education, teachers need to live honorably. Likewise, more respect should be given to students so that they can have a wise choice.

I really wished to be next to teachers, students, and parents on the very first day of Mehr (September 23), share the merriment with them, and listen to the lovely melody of the school bell when it was rung. Nevertheless, my inevitable trip to the United Nations General Assembly prevented me from attending such a joyous event. In any case, we need your prayers there too.

In the end, to continue the good tradition of the previous years, I ask you students a question, my beloved ones! As Iran is faced with a critical water shortage problem, how can we preserve and use our country’s waters?”

  Millions of Students

The beginning of fall, September 23 (Mehr 1 in Iranian calendar), is marked every year as millions of students start another academic year together.

Over 12.5 million students in different grades will attend classes all around the country this year, with more than one million teachers involved in their education and training.