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New Narration of Pinocchio

New Narration of PinocchioNew Narration of Pinocchio

A new play based on the world-famous character Pinocchio has gone on stage in Tehran, which largely remains faithful to the original story, with some minor changes though.

Over the decades Pinocchio, the fictional novel character, has been popularized through movies, animations and TV serials across the globe.

“The original story has enough appeal for the audience so there was no need for drastic changes”, IRNA quoted play director Mohamad-Reza Maleki as saying. “Some alterations were made about the characters as the story was a long one”.

A few minor characters were omitted to make a long story short for the play. However, the evolution of Pinocchio from a wooden puppet to a real boy remains intact.

 ‘Miss Sis’ Added

To make up for the characters left out, a new interesting one has been added. ‘Miss Sis’ a glove puppet is created by Mister Geppetto for Pinocchio so that he does not feel lonely! ‘Miss Sis’ gradually becomes Pinocchio’s conscience; whenever he confronts a new challenge, the wooden boy brings out his own puppet and talks to her.

Pinocchio is a story that never gets old and attracts people of all ages. Basically written for children, the play naturally catches the attention of kids and young adults. Moreover, it creates a feeling of nostalgia for adults who carry the memory of a character they once saw or read about in childhood.

Introduced by Italian writer Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio first appeared as the protagonist of the children’s novel ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’ (1883). The story has appeared in many adaptations in other media including the famous 1940 Walt Disney motion picture.

The play will be staged till October 2 in Honar Hall in Tehran.