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Writers, Thinkers Can Help Spread Wisdom

Writers, Thinkers Can Help Spread WisdomWriters, Thinkers Can Help Spread Wisdom

The culture ministry “is dedicated in its efforts to spread wisdom with the assistance of writers and thinkers,” the deputy minister of culture and Islamic guidance said in a meeting with clergymen.

Seyed Abbas Salehi, in a friendly encounter between clergymen and cultural figures of monotheistic religions on Monday at Tehran’s Parsian Hotel, said “making use of the capabilities of ethnic and religious minorities is at the top of the ministry’s agenda, and it is ready to cooperate with intellectuals and cultural personalities of monotheistic religions, as we consider culture, spirituality and Holy Books the intermediary link among religions.”

The meeting was also attended by special advisor to the president on ethnic groups and religious minorities Hojatoleslam Yunesi among others, according to IBNA.

Salehi pointed to the friendly coexistence “between the followers of different faiths in Iran, both before and after the advent of Islam.”

  Literati Website

At another function where the pilot version of Ahl-e-Qalam (Literati) website was unveiled, Salehi said it would provide space for notes written by writers and weblog dialogue.

“Iran’s Book House is the house for all writers, and when we talk of books, we focus on writers as the main founders of this realm,” he added.

In the past year a few measures have been taken by the Book House; one of them is the establishment of a legal counseling office.

Considering the intellectual nature of writers, “this office will help with their legal problems and try to resolve them.”

It will also provide sessions for writers and publishers to meet and have debating sessions. It is fortunate that the office is about to be completed, as writers and authors are more in need of moral backing than material support, Salehi noted.