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Local Games Fest in Bushehr

Local Games Fest in BushehrLocal Games Fest in Bushehr

A two-day Olympiad festival of local games and traditions took place in Tangestan county, Bushehr Province, southern Iran, on February 6, 7 with participants from 13 provinces.

On the variety of local games in the province, director general of sports and youth organization in Bushehr Ahmad Behrouzianfard said, “there exist close to 170 local games in the province which need proper introduction to the public if we plan to keep them as part of our tradition.”

A total of 300 athletes, including 9 men’s teams and 8 women’s teams, competed against each other, MNA reported.

The Olympiad comprised of various interesting games such as shooting, traditional wrestling, track and field, shot put, horseback riding, dodge ball, and hopscotch and athletes from Isfahan, Yazd, Fars, Kerman, Bushehr and other provinces took part.