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First Musical Book in 9 Languages

First Musical Book in 9 LanguagesFirst Musical Book in 9 Languages

The first Iranian musical audio book, ‘A Heart Bigger than the World’, was unveiled at Farrokhi Hall of Qasr Museum recently.

The musical album conveys the message of “peace” in Persian, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Finnish, and English languages, said Mohammad Nosrati, composer of the work.  

Saying that the main theme of the book is peace and friendship, Erfan Nazar-Ahari, its author, said upon winning the peace award in South Korea, she felt that Iranian culture and literature “can be used as a means to invite people all around the world to join peace efforts and initiatives,” IRNA reported.

Winner of the Peace Story project of the fifth Nami Island International Book Festival in South Korea in 2010, Nazar-Ahari’s book is a mystical story of a girl who has been wishing to come into this world for 1,000 years, but God denies her request. Finally, when she is allowed to be born, she leaves her heart in paradise and is compelled to spend all her life searching for her heart.

Ghahreman Soleimani, educational and cultural deputy at the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) also underlined the significance of shifting global public opinion towards Iranian culture of peace.

The book is released with a CD, containing Alvand Jalali’s animation work based on the book.

Nosrati said that in composing the music, he has combined Iranian with Europe and Latin America instruments “to include the spirit of the music of all regions around the world in its melody.”  

As a result, “the music has a common language which can be understood everywhere,” he noted.