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House of Puppets Opens

House of Puppets Opens  House of Puppets Opens

The ‘House of Puppets’ was inaugurated on February 7 in Tehran, in the presence of prominent artists in the field of puppetry and children’s theatre.

Marzieh Boroumand, who is known by many artists in the field as the ‘spiritual mother of puppet shows’ in Iran said the movement was triggered by the ‘Mobarak International Puppet Theater Festival’ – a biennial event held in Tehran featuring puppetry acts from around the world, Mehr news agency reported.

The veteran actress, puppeteer, screenwriter and director of TV series and films said “she had always hoped that an NGO-like establishment was available in the country for children’s theatre artists.”  

Pointing to the problems faced by puppeteers, she said they normally cannot make a living with the money they earn from performing arts.

“The artists also lacked a stable place to help them improve their technique and knowledge in the field,” she said, hoping that with the establishment of the house, artists could enhance people’s interest in the puppet arts.

Ali Moradkhani, deputy culture minister in art affairs also hoped the ‘House of Puppets’ would not pass into oblivion.

Describing puppet theatre as an important field, he said “many theatre artists started their career from puppet shows.”

The motto of the house will be ‘Theatre for Everyone’, an objective that will be achieved in cooperation with Ms. Boroumand,” said the deputy.

  Theatre Events

Hadi Hejazifar, theatre director, who was also present, said four puppet theatres for children are ready to be staged soon.

Poopak Azimpour, university lecturer also announced that special meetings in fields related to children’s theatre are scheduled to be held monthly in the next year (starts March 21). “The meetings will mainly address Iranian mythologies and stories,” she explained.  

Theatre instructor Farindokht Zahedi pointed to a new university program in the field of kid’s theater, which is to be offered at Pardis Fine Arts of the University of Tehran. “Graduates in the field of children’s theatre can be easily absorbed in the job market, i.e. nurseries and kindergartens,” she noted.

She also suggested that the ‘House of Puppets’ can serve as “an academy” in the field of puppet theatres and performing arts.