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Danish Poet Has Plenty to Discuss

Danish Poet Has Plenty to DiscussDanish Poet Has Plenty to Discuss

Danish poet Niels Hav participated in a number of Persian literary circles and discussed with Iranian poets the literature of the two countries during his visit to Iran.

Hav arrived last week to attend the unveiling ceremony for the Persian translation of one of his collections of poems titled ‘Women of Copenhagen’, and also took part in a number of poetry reading sessions in Tehran and other cities.

Published by Bootimar Publication, the Persian translation of the book was unveiled at Tehran’s Iranian Artists’ Forum on Thursday (Feb. 5) in the presence of Danish ambassador Anders Hougaard and a group of Iranian poets and translators. Hav as well as a couple of Iranian poets recited some poems and Hougaard made a speech on the 80-year-long cultural relations between Iran and Denmark, reports Mehr News Agency.

A get-together of close to 30 poets at Nazdik Café in Tehran on the following day was also attended by Hav. Besides poetry reading, the participants talked about the history of poetry in Iran and Scandinavia.

  Cultural Events

The Danish poet traveled to the historic city of Isfahan on Sunday (Feb. 8) to participate in a cultural event organized by the cultural department of Isfahan Municipality. The event, dedicated to an introduction to Hav’s poetry and Scandinavian literature, was held at Dardasht historic public bath. Persian literature and poetry was also discussed at the session.

Hav’s final program in his travel itinerary is another historic city, Shiraz. In cooperation with Asatir-e Pars (Persian Myths) Institute and Persian Literature and Language Fans Association, there will be a meeting on poetry and literature on Tuesday (Feb. 10) at Shiraz’s Hafez Hall.

Niels Hav is a poet and short story writer and lives in Copenhagen. His works have been translated into several languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Italian. His credits include five volumes of poetry and three short story collections. He is a recipient of several national awards.