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Artist Couple’s Exhibition in Canada

Artist Couple’s Exhibition in CanadaArtist Couple’s Exhibition in Canada

An art show by an artist couple titled ‘Wooden Pottery’ is being held at the Milton Center for the Arts’ Holcim Gallery, in Milton, Canada till February 15.

Davoud Khosravi, 51 from Iran, said his primary interest is wooden sculptures while for his Ukrainian wife Anna Olszowka, 44, it is paintings, Honaronline reports.

Born to artist parents, Khosravi, as a child, grew up in Iran in a family where his mother wove Persian rugs in beautiful colors and patterns, and his father, a carpenter, worked with wood and carpentry tools. “Therefore, I learned to love art, patterns, and wood,” he says.

Today, he works with huge trees and unique types of wood; many of them even local trees, and creates everything “from tables to sculptures.”

Olszowka began painting more than 12 years ago. At first, she started experimenting with colors and evolved to her current works, which, like Khosravi’s, are influenced by nature.

  Nature’s Influence

“Our work is greatly influenced by nature,” says Khosravi, who lives in Campbellville, Ontario, Canada with his wife and daughter.

He experiments with different types of wood, but works mostly on local, natural colors such as walnut, cherry or maple. He is always watching out for advertisements on wood sales. For contrast wood, he uses South American Purple Heart, Blood Wood, or African mahoganies.

“Some people see them as pieces of firewood, I see them as artwork,” he says.

Olszowka’s work “makes people happy,” she says. It is based on colors and patterns. Initially, she began with watercolors, but has started using gesso and later acrylic to give her work texture.

Combined, their work features some 30 pieces brought into the gallery last week. They held an opening on January 28. The couple also has their own studio called ‘Wooden Pottery Studio and Gallery’.