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Photo Book ‘Revolution 57’

Photo Book ‘Revolution 57’Photo Book ‘Revolution 57’

Maryam Zandi, a prominent photographer who has been active in this field for four decades, is now back with the publication of her photographs in a book.

This photographer, from Gorgan (north of Iran) started the publication of her photo books in 1983 by publishing the book ‘Turkman and the Desert’. She later published her other books such as ‘Faces’ which portrayed the reputed in the areas of literature, painting, cinema, theater, and so on, following her special style in the area of photography and portrait books.

A book titled ‘Revolution 57’ (1357) was published by this artist in 2014 which embraced unique and charming pictures taken in 1979 (1357 Iranian calendar) Islamic Revolution when people’s movement put an end to shah’s regime and started a new historic era in the country. Photographs in this book still give a fabulous picture of the events that happened 35 years ago.

Speaking to IBNA, Zandi said, “when the revolution began, I started taking pictures of the events. Some of these pictures, such as the one taken from the late Ayatollah Taleghani, were later published in Soroush magazine, and were displayed at the entrance gate of the universities and gatherings of the opposition groups.”

Zandi believes that this book might be useful and charming for the young generation who may have questions about the revolution, and can better help their understanding.