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Language of Art to Help Convey Message of Peace

Language of Art to Help Convey Message of PeaceLanguage of Art to Help Convey Message of Peace

The international poster exhibition titled ‘World Without Violence’ opened in Tehran at the Niavaran Cultural Center on Friday (Feb. 6), displaying selected works of Iranian and world graphic artists.

Presidential Office Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati and his deputy in art affairs Ali Moradkhani, head of visual arts department at the ministry of culture Majid Molla-Norouzi, president of the exhibition Ali Vazirian and a number of artists and art fans attended the inauguration ceremony, Honaronline reported.

As the United Nations General Assembly has approved Iran’s proposal on a world against violence and extremism (WAVE), artists in all fields, whether cinema and theater or visual arts, “are expected to welcome the idea and depict it in their works,” the culture minister said at the event.

A total of 13 among the exhibited posters have been selected as the top works by an international jury. “These works can be presented at other venues like schools, Iran’s cultural attaché offices in foreign countries, and in the UN,” Jannati noted.

Nahavandian pointed to the high number of countries, 33 in all, that participated in the exhibition and said: “It indicates that today’s world is in need of such gestures and it is joyful to see Iran is leading this humanitarian movement.”

Language of art is one medium which is comprehensible everywhere. In the present situation whereby the western powers have portrayed a false image of Iran through their media apparatus, “making use of different fields of art enables us to present the true picture and convey our message of peace to the world people,” he stressed.

 Positive Step

In another part of the function, Moradkhani underlined the positive step taken by the private sector to hold the exhibition. “As mentioned on earlier occasions, the government is aware of its duty to support programs held by non-state organizations. This time, for instance, we helped to provide space for hosting the exhibition.”

The art deputy said unfortunately, people at all social levels are subject to violence; creating a situation without violence “is like breathing clean air.” He stated that a world without violence “is the dream of people in the present era.”

Exhibition president Vazirian said the 18-member selection committee had a tough job choosing among a total of 1255 submitted works. “I really liked to display at least one work each from all the 33 participant countries; however, it proved to be impossible as some works were not completely related to the subject of the exhibition, which was a new global theme.”

 Presidential Idea

The idea of holding such an exhibition originated in the “world against violence and extremism” proposed by President Hassan Rouhani at the 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, 2013.

Rouhani in his speech said Iran is seeking a world without violence and extremism and that dialogue could settle misunderstandings and establish global peace and tranquility.

The exhibition is organized by Todayposters website and is held in cooperation with the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Free Zones’ Coordination Council for Cultural and Social Affairs and visual art department of the ministry of culture.

It is presenting 93 works of artists from Iran and 16 other countries including Italy, France, Finland, Poland, Serbia, China, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Ecuador, Iraq, Taiwan and Macau and will be open until February 24.