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Kish Int’l Sculpture Symposium to Boost Culture

Kish Int’l Sculpture Symposium to Boost CultureKish Int’l Sculpture Symposium to Boost Culture

Twelve foreign and 5 Iranian sculptors will participate in the first edition of the Kish International Sculpture Symposium opening on February 8.

Symposium secretary Seyed Mojtaba Mousavi told a press conference at Kish Island that the event has been organized by the Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) “as part of efforts to boost cultural growth along with economic development” on the Persian Gulf Island.

According to the KFZO public relations and international affairs department, Mousavi touched upon the significance of cultural activities in free trade zones and emphasized that holding international artistic events “can bring about greater achievements” for Kish Island.

He said the symposium council comprises experienced artists including Behboud Behizadi, Morteza Kazemi, Saeed Shahlapour, Hamid Shans, Ali Shahdad, Sahand Hesamian, Farzad Hamedanchi and Mohammad Soltani.

The favorable climate of Kish Island and the open area where the function is to be held is an added advantage. Twelve foreign artists will compete with their Iranian counterparts during the 20-day symposium, which concludes on March 2. Hoor Cape on Kish Island is the venue of the event.

  Several Works Sent

Describing the symposium “as a professional event,’ he said 93 works created by 77 Iranian artists, were sent to the secretariat and the selection board approved works of 5 Iranian artists. Also, 12 foreign sculptors from the US, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Taiwan, Belarus, Spain, Costa Rica, Serbia, Germany, Georgia, and Hungary are taking part in the event. Three sculptors from Italy, Germany, and Bulgaria “are on reserve.” Mousavi said 32 foreign artists had sent their works, of which 12 were selected.

Given the climate of Kish Island, he said the sculptures “will be carved out of travertine stone, which is resistant to erosion especially in humid weather conditions.”

The created works will be installed in urban spaces across Kish Island. The jury will comprise two Iranians and one foreign artist. Each artist will be given a travertine stone measuring 100-150-300 cubic cm.

The top three works will receive $7,000, $5,000, and $3,000 respectively as well as diplomas of honor.