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Ishara Int’l Puppet Festival

Ishara Int’l Puppet Festival
Ishara Int’l Puppet Festival

The Iranian theater group Safety Pin staged an adaptation of the famous fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ at the Ishara Int’l Puppet Festival in India.

The play titled ‘The Fabulous Adventures of the Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood’, and directed by Salma Mohseni-Ardehali and Sina Yeilagh-Beigi, had two performances this week at the festival, reports Honaronline.

It tells the story of Red Riding Hood, who is on her way to deliver some nice goodies from her mother to her grandma’s house, but gets lost in the forest, which is full of dangerous creatures. She then meets a big bad wolf with a growling tummy!

An interactive object theatre performance that will entertain and engage children & adults alike, the base story is the ordinary story of Little Red Riding Hood but it changes during the show as she loses her way in the forest of fairy tales (featuring Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel etc!) and it is the Big Bad Wolf who helps her find her way to her grandma’s house.

The 45-minute play performed in English, had previously toured the world winning awards such as the best work of the UNIMA festival in Armenia.

 Modern to Traditional

The 13th edition of Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival is host to new and exciting performances from India and across the world: from the modern and traditional forms of puppetry, ranging from rod to string puppets; to mixed performances with theatre, music and more; audiences of all ages are entertained with a variety of vibrant and spellbinding shows.

Since its launch in 2001, the festival has brought puppeteers, artists and performers from around the globe together to celebrate storytelling through the art of puppetry. Alongside the best talent India has to offer, over a 100 international puppetry troupes are participating in the festival, including from the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Iran, Japan, , Ireland, Australia & USA.

This festival opened on February 3 at the Indian Habitat Center in New Delhi and will conclude on February 12.