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Kilim Rugs, Carpets on Ornamental Bags

Kilim Rugs, Carpets on Ornamental BagsKilim Rugs, Carpets on Ornamental Bags

An exhibition on the innovative works by Soheila Moayed-Jafari was held on January 29-31, displaying her carpets, rugs, and needlework on ornamental bags, clutches, backpacks, suitcases, shoes and prayer rugs at the Jahan-nama Gallery of Niavaran Palace Complex.

The Iranian artist and entrepreneur is also the founder of the Persian brand “Klozar” (the name of a carpet weaving instrument in Persian), Honaronline reported.

“Love, affection, wisdom, and desire have motivated humankind to create beauty,” she says, adding that she is inspired by the carpet and kilim art of nomads, which in itself “combines their desire for arts and affection for God.”

Saying that she started her activity in the field three years ago, she said after weaving her first rug, she came up with the idea of making use of her art in everyday life. “This is how I decided to make bags out of the rugs, encouraged by my children.”

When she presented her works to Iran’s Cultural Heritage,Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) for the first time, her work was appreciated by the officials, for “adopting a new approach towards the almost forgotten art,” she said.

“The rugs and needlework ornaments can be separated from the bags and be used independently,” said the artist, who added that the bags are totally made of natural leather.

About the price of the bags, she said the prices start from 6 million rials ($170) and upwards.

Moayed-Jafari said she aims to introduce Iranian art to the world by creating objects that are “competitive in the global market.”