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Raad Charity Auction Fetches $140,000

Raad Charity Auction Fetches $140,000Raad Charity Auction Fetches $140,000

Raad charity’s second visual arts auction organized last week fetched a total of 4.9 billion rials or $142,000 on the 59 works sold.

It was held at the premises of the Raad Rehabilitation Charity Complex. Several art enthusiasts and artists attended the auction, Honaronline reported.

Before the auction started, an exhibition displaying 77 visual art works including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and calligraphies by known artists as well as young and upcoming artists was held to introduce the audience to the works to be auctioned.

Parviz Tanavoli, Nasrollah Afjei, Fereydoun Ave, Alireza Astaneh, and Sharyar Ahmadi were among the artists whose works were displayed.

  Most Expensive

The most expensive work which was sold for 550 million rials ($15,000) was by Sharyar Ahmadi.

Among the other works a painting by Alireza Astaneh sold for 90 million rials ($2570) and a small painting by Fereydoun Ave went for 135 million rials ($3850). Parviz Tanavoli’s painting from his ‘Hich’ collection fetched 110 million rials ($3660).

Also, ‘Havoo’ by Mehdi Mirbagheri with a distinguished design and a different theme drew the attention of the audience. It sold for 70 million rials ($2000) from a base price of 32 million rials ($914).

The least expensive work went for 14 million rials ($400).

Addressing the audience at the end of the auction, Majid Molla-nourouzi, director general of the visual arts center of the culture ministry lauded the charitable act, saying that such auctions “can help encourage people to assist the poor besides meeting the need of artists.”