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Blossoms Bell Rung

Blossoms Bell RungBlossoms Bell Rung

To celebrate the beginning of school year for first-year primary school students, the ceremony of ‘Blossoms Celebration’ was symbolically inaugurated yesterday morning, (September 22), at the ‘Shohadaye Moalem’ school, in Qods County in Tehran. The ‘Blossoms Bell’ was rung by a student.

Attending the ceremony, Minister of Education Ali-Asghar Fani wished students a successful year full of joy. “Certainly, today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, so education plays an undeniably important role in providing the country with suitable human resources,” IRINN quoted him as saying.

Tehran governor, the managing director of Barekat Schools Foundation and chief of the executive committee of Imam’s decree were also among the attendees.

Simultaneously with the start of the new academic year, ‘Shohadaye Moalem’ school and 40 others in different provinces were officially opened.

A total of 1.3 million first-year students have entered the first year of school in the new academic year.

The ‘Blossoms Celebration’ was held all over Iran in about 60,000 primary schools. It is an occasion when first-year students attend the first day of their school life with their parents to get familiar with the place where they will spend a part of their life.

The academic year for all other grades will start today (September 23), as in previous years at the beginning of the fall. This year, almost 12.5 million students in different grades will commence the new academic year all around the country.